In the past,
There was only the Hong Kong Chinese Civil servant's Association (Physiotherapist branch-Schedule I) to concern welfare, payment and staff's benefits for physiotherapists working in civil services.
Physiotherapist working in subvented hospitals (Schedule II), schools, private sectors did not have any relationship with the above. Their payment packages were also inferior to that of Schedule I hospitals. There is nobody looking after their benefits.

In 1991,

Hong Kong Physiotherapists' Union (HKPU) was etablished. 


·  a legal body
·  registered under the Registry of Trade Unions
·  governed by Union Laws and HKPU Rules
·  Ex-com included Chairman, Vice-chairman, General, Financial, Membership, Welfare and Public Relationships Secretaries.
·  Sub-committee: Editorial Committee


We have members from

·  Hospitals of Hospital Authority,
·  Private Hospitals,
·  Schools and Old Aged Homes,
·  Private Practice,
·  Polytechnic University.

Our main objectives are emphasized on

1. to secure the complete organisation in the Union of all employees
2. to promote and protect the professional status
3. to safeguard the professional interests and rights of the members
4. to promote welfare to the members